PTT (Push To Talk) PRS iTALK Radios with Unlimited Nationwide Talk Time.

PTT (PUSH TO TALK) is the ultimate Communications method via Radio / Platform / Device / Phone in the Radio and Communications Industry.
1. Radio operates on the preferred Cellphone Network
2. Communications from and to anywhere in the World
3. Panic Button, Live Tracking, Phoning the Radio, PTT from your own Phone
4. Platform login, tracking, Communicating, Reports, Recordings etc
5. Utilise your PTT as a fully operational Patrol Clocking Unit with points, Reports, Failed Patrols etc
6. Over the air programming, adding of channels and also disabling of Radio in case of theft
7. Base stations, Mobile and Handheld PTT Radios are available
8. Intelligent Digital Trunking Radio – iTalk PRS
9. Individual or group calls and listen in
10. Unique iTalk PRS PTT Software
11. Control Room or PC Operation
12. GPS and Radio and Guard Tracking
13. WIFI Private Network
14. Bluetooth
15. Above are only a few of the essential features of this affordable but very effective way of digital Communications

Sales of Top Brands
We sell top brands like Kirisun PTT (PUSH TO TALK), Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, HYT, Vertex and more (handheld, mobile and base stations). Analogue and Digital
Communications Assessment
We conduct a complete assessment with recommendations and various options to suit our client’s operations and financial requirements.
Our areas of available options are from Analogue, Simplex or Repeater systems, Digital Simplex or Repeater systems and PTT (PUSH TO TALK) PRS iTalk Unlimited Nationwide Talk Time Radios.

Repairs to All Radios
We do repairs to any make and model (handheld, mobile and base stations).

Renting out Radios for Events
We rent out radios on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. These can be utilized for indoor or outdoor events (handheld, mobile and base stations).

Tracking of Vehicles and Personell
Our PRS iTALK Radios cover these functions and more.


Repeater Network
Analogue and Digital: 
We have a number of complete repeater systems installed on various mountains, enabling appropriate communications to our clients. We can offer our clients an analogue and/or a digital communications system depending on their operational requirements and financial limits.
PRS iTALK Radios operate on any or all available Cell phone Networks, depending on the strongest and most reliable in the required area of operation.

Mobile Installation
This unit gets installed in a mobile unit like a car, truck, caravan, security hut, boat or even a suitcase or crate that could be moved or placed on the go.
Analogue and Digital:
It includes a mobile antenna (this type is frequency dependable, and has either a body mount or magnetic mount), power cable, radio and bracket with all connectors.
It includes the Radio, Bracket, Microphone, GPS Antenna Beacon and the GSM Antenna

Base Stations
These sets of equipment typically get installed at head control points or offices, control rooms, security offices and ops rooms. 
Analogue and Digital: 
It includes a dipole antenna (this type is frequency dependable), universal clamp, 3 meter aluminium mast (or up to 6 meters/towers), heavy-duty wall bracket secured with M10 bolts, an appropriate LM400 or RG213 hi-spec communications cable, power supply with built in battery backup (or a separate deep-cycle battery including a triangle charger system), radio and bracket and all connectors.
It includes the Radio, Bracket, Microphone, GPS Antenna Beacon, GSM Antenna and Power Supply with or without a separate Battery backup system.

Vehicle Tracking, Personell Tracking, Panic Button
Our PRS iTALK Radios cover these functions and more.
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