Superior 2 Way Radio Comms

The arrival of PTT Radios has revolutionized the Two Way Radio industry and far exceeds the coverage and performance of traditional radio trunking networks.

PRS Communications has the development capabilities to meet specific regional or National needs, and software can be customized to user requirements.

Yet still servicing all requirements regarding Simplex and Repeater Analogue systems.

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Push to talk (PTT) radios for the mining industry


Push to talk (PTT) radios for the manufacturing industry



Push to talk (PTT) radios for the hospitality industry


Push to talk (PTT) radios for the transport industry


Push to talk (PTT) radios for the agriculture industry


Push to talk (PTT) radios for the construction industry


Push to talk (PTT) radios for the forestry industry



With owner, Len Nieuwoudt's years of experience - since 1989 in the SAPS and in the security industry - and the trustworthy relationships he has established with his clients and in the community, he ensures confidentiality, respect and professionalism at all times.

Profiler Risk Solutions (PRS) Communications has reliable communal repeater Communication systems in place and in and around the Peninsula, allowing for a broad spectrum range of communications. 

These include Analogue Simplex and or Repeater Systems, Digital Simplex or Repeater Systems and PRS iTALK Unlimited Nationwide Talk Time Radios which includes Radio and Guard Tracking.To ensure an all-round solution for our clients, we have combined our Vehicle Tracking Services in order to provide not only communications, but also a visual of the vehicle which eliminates a huge part of the everyday frustration from owners, managers, controllers, etc.

PTT (Push To Talk) Radio Communication Solutions for all industries from Security,
Transport, Mobile, Construction, Hospitality,
to Emergency Services, and many more.

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