PRS COMMUNICATIONS introduces new generation iTalk PRS PTT communications

Until cellular networks made their appearance, two-way radio technology offered critical services such as emergency services and security companies the best in wireless communication using radio frequency. However, since then, the introduction of cellular networks has had a major impact on the two-way radio scene, making it essential for two-way radio developers to take another look at how they could update and expand the services of two-way radio communication.

Initially, two-way radio communication, previously known as the walkie-talkie, was the most relied on form of wireless communication used by critical services, however, manufacturers soon realised that it would be important to take another look at how they could bring about changes that would keep up with the growth in communications technology.

Improvements made to original two-way radios:
Despite changes made that provided larger coverage and easier connectivity in two-way radios, the infrastructure required to support this cellular network communication came with a hefty price tag –privately owned companies that owned these infrastructures charged major fees for the use of this ease of connectivity and expanded coverage, making two-way radio communication excessively expensive.

Next came Trunking Radios:
Although trunking radios, with their trunking network technology were the next great step in two-way communications, with an even larger network of connected footprints than those used in wireless two-way radios, it was still pretty expensive as a result of the infrastructure required to provide larger coverage than ever before.
A quick aside: a trunked radio is a computer-controlled or aided radio, automatically assigning any trunk radio user the first channel that is available on which to make the call. This means that not all users or groups could communicate on a channel at the same time.

The next step in critical two-way communication:

The growth of cellular networks, along with even more advanced internet connectivity solutions, led the revolution for finding better ways to communicate and manage this type of communication effectively, paving the way for the latest in communications solutions, push-to-talk technology, abbreviated to PTT. PRS COMMUNICATIONS has certainly pushed all boundaries where it comes to two-way radio communication with their new iTalk PRS PTT Unlimited Nationwide Talk Time Radios!

iTalk PRS is intelligent digital trunking radio communication at its best, allowing for individual or group calls and for listening in, among many other great benefits.

This unique iTalk PRS PPT Software is developed for South Africa in order to meet all its regional needs, making local push-to-talk communication affordable, effective and stable.

Whether you need two-way communication for use in guard tracking, useful for security companies, or for a major event where communication in a large crowd is essential for security services, PRS COMMUNICATIONS will deliver the best solutions to meet with your specific requirements and your budget.

As an experienced, valued member of the security fraternity in South Africa, Len Nieuwoudt, owner of PRS COMMUNICATIONS, along with his team, are always on standby to make radio communications as seamless as possible for all!

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