How can PRS COMMUNICATIONS assist you with safety, security and quality two-way radios in Cape Town?

Aside from the fact that PRS COMMUNICATIONS is a hub for the sales of PTT (PUSH TO TALK), analogue and digital two-way radios from top brands such as Kirisun, Motorola, Kenwood, Icom and more, this team has a strong foundation in the safety and security industry.

This background, which includes many years spent in the SAPS and security industry by owner Len Nieuwoudt, has forged strong ties in the community. Based on the level of confidentiality and trust, long term clients have been able to rely on many years of working with Len and his team.

Len and his team also assist with communications assessments for clients needing trusted input about existing systems, and any changes that could be made to improve communications in their business sector.

In addition to this, PRS COMMUNICATIONS carries out repairs on any make and model of handheld, mobile and base communications stations, as well as renting out radios on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Types of installations carried out by PRS COMMUNICATIONS:

PTT (PUSH TO TALK) is the ultimate Communications method via Radio / Platform / Device / Phone in the Radio and Communications Industry.

• Radio operates on the preferred Cellphone Network
• Communications from and to anywhere in the World
• Panic Button, Live Tracking, Phoning the Radio, PTT from your own Phone
• Platform login, tracking, Communicating, Reports, Recordings etc
• Utilise your PTT as a fully operational Patrol Clocking Unit with points, Reports, Failed Patrols etc
• Over the air programming, adding of channels and also disabling of Radio in case of theft
• Base stations, Mobile and Handheld PTT Radios are available
• Intelligent Digital Trunking Radio - iTalk PRS
• Individual or group calls and listen in
• Unique iTalk PRS PPT Software
• Control Room or PC Operation
• GPS and Radio and Guard Tracking
• WIFI Private Network
• Bluetooth
• Above are only a few of the essential features of this affordable but very effective way of digital Communications
● Base Stations - PTT (PUSH TO TALK), Analogue and Digital

When you need an expert to install this type of equipment in control rooms, security offices, ops rooms or head offices, you will be hard-pressed to find a more professional, experienced team to do the job cost effectively and efficiently!

This type of installation includes all the components necessary to create a communications base that isn’t going to let you down when you need it most. The vital role this type of installation plays in secure communication is not one that can be taken lightly, or left to backyard installers!

● Repeater Network - PTT (PUSH TO TALK), Analogue and Digital
Because PRS COMMUNICATIONS has a number of complete repeater systems installed in and around Cape Town and the Peninsula, clients are able to work with PRS COMMUNICATIONS to set up a digital communications system that will meet with budgetary constraints and still deliver specific operational requirements of the highest standard.

● Mobile Installation - PTT (PUSH TO TALK), Analogue and Digital
This is a communications unit that is installed by PRS COMMUNICATIONS in cars, trucks, caravans, boats, security huts and even in a suitcase to be ready to go when necessary. This type of mobile installation is frequency dependable, and will have either a body mount or magnetic mount, along with the necessary mobile antenna, power cable, radio and bracket with all connectors.

● Tracking
The tracker used by PRS COMMUNICATIONS as mentioned previously, is of the highest ICASA approved quality, which is always the case with anything produced by this team!

The ICE-TRACKER Model IT-24VT has been designed for use on every type of vehicle with an engine, including boats and motorbikes, but also perfectly adapted for use on bicycles and other valuable assets. Cost-effective, real-time tracking comes with the territory when using a quality tracking device like this. The ICE-TRACKER Model IT-24VT is a compact, tough device that’s splash-proof, dust-proof and easy to install if you choose to do it yourself. The power voltage range between 6V – 24V makes it universally useful for all safety and security tracking purposes and can in fact also be used as a personal tracker.

If you have any communications or safety and security issue you’d like to address with true professionals, then PRS COMMUNICATIONS should be your first port of call.

If there’s something you need help with that’s not listed on the PRS COMMUNICATIONS website, give them a shout, no one can make things happen the way this team can!

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