Communications Assessment

Any business that relies on good two-way radio communications needs to have an assessment done on their systems in order to ensure that they are working effectively and are up-to-date with the latest in radio communication on the market in South Africa.

For instance, a good private security firm needs to rely on effective communication between control rooms and security guards out in the field. As such, it is important that they approach a specialist company like PRS COMMUNICATIONS to carry out an assessment of their current communications systems.

A communications assessment carried out by PRS COMMUNICATIONS will take into account the needs of your business sector, which includes security companies, police services and other mission-critical services, in order to discuss what your options would be with regard to setting up an effective communications system within your operation.

Based on this assessment, PRS COMMUNICATIONS will consult with you in order to offer you a full range of options that will suit your operations and still meet your budget with quality products.

PRS COMMUNICATIONS offers all solutions and products from the best suppliers worldwide, from Analogue to Simplex or Repeater systems to Digital Simplex or Repeater systems, depending on your needs.

The iTalk PRS Unlimited Nationwide Talk Time Radios, now at PRS COMMUNICATIONS, is one of the latest options available to you as you put together a communications system that is reliable and secure.

In fact, PRS COMMUNICATIONS is so deeply embedded in the world of security communications that they are able to carry out repairs to all two-way radios in Cape Town, whether handheld, mobile or base station, irrespective of make or model.

If it needs fixing, no one else has this level of experience to effectively repair two-way radios in Cape Town, South Africa!

Although the iTalk PRS Unlimited Nationwide Talk Time Radios are the latest addition to the top-of-the-line communications radios supplied by PRS COMMUNICATIONS, this team is also able to supply the best Analogue and Digital systems from top brands such as Kirisun, Motorola, Icom, Kenwood, Vertex and HYT and more.

Aside from the industry expertise you can expect from the team at PRS COMMUNICATIONS, it is also comforting to know that even if what you are looking for is not listed on their website, no one can find what you are looking for like this team can they will go to bat to make sure that you have everything you need to make two-way radio communication easy for you!

If one looks at just the security industry, it is easy to get that they deal with some of the most intense situations we could possibly imagine, and, having to deal with many crises at once, along with taking on an overload of information, it’s clear that this sector needs to rely on stable two-way radio communications at all times.

One botched two-way radio communication can lead to dangerous situations becoming even more volatile. Backup that is desperately needed at the scene of a crime and doesn’t arrive in time as a result of bad communication, is at the bottom of the drive to find more stable and effective two-way radio communication.

When we start looking at other critical services such as EMTs, firefighters and other emergency responders, it is clear that garbled communication is only going to make any given situation worse, which is why PRS COMMUNICATIONS is passionately committed to providing the best two-way radio communications systems available.

Safety and security is their business, and they take it as seriously as you do!

Before you talk to anyone else, contact Len Nieuwoudt and his team after all, there are few who can speak from experience the way that PRS COMMUNICATIONS can!

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