PRS Communications is changing the face of the security industry with its two-way radio systems.

In our digital age, it is easy to overlook the essential role that two-way radios play in the security industry, whether it is in private security, the police service or in situations where large crowds are gathered and effective communication is a necessity.

Everyone seems far more focussed on security technology like satellite tracking, video surveillance, cyber security and more, however, none of these technologies can take the place of effective human communication via two-way radio.

This is the one form of communication that has outlasted all others throughout history, and, when satellites go down, all other forms of digital communication are useless – but not the ever-faithful two-way radio!

Owner and manager of PRS (Profiler Risk Solutions), Len Nieuwoudt,  understands this from his grassroots background in the South African Police, and the many years he has spent active in the security industry, which is why he has brought the highest standard in two-way security radios to Cape Town.

The systems already in place at the hands of PRS already include having reliable communal repeater communications well entrenched and in place, to cover a broad range of communications in and around Cape Town.

Established in 2006, PRS has built on the original vision that Len had about improving communication in the security industry, based on his own experiences, as well as ensuring that any other industry using two-way radios in Cape Town would have nothing but the highest quality in products.

Having outstanding products like the new Intelligent Digital Trunking Radio, the iTalk PRS Radios with Unlimited Talk time, along with the supply of top brands such as Analogue and Digital handheld, mobile and base stations from manufacturers such as Kirisun, Motorola, Kenwood, Icomj and more, is just one of the reasons that PRS is a trusted name in the security industry.

You can rely on personalised service excellence when you deal with the team assembled by Len at PRS; this is a platform where the absolute confidentiality and professionalism established by PRS over the years continues to satisfy top clients in the security industry!

It’s also not just about the security communications products offered by PRS that makes them stand head above shoulders of the rest, it’s also about the fact that even if this team doesn’t have what you are looking for, they will make it happen!

This type of ability to assist above and beyond is a rarity in a busy high tech world, however, having communication specialists in Cape Town like PRS means that whether you need advice on products, assistance with repairs on all makes and models of radios, the rental of radios for large events, or a communications assessment, you will find it all under one roof at PRS.

This is a speciality field, and no one can afford to mess around with the quality of security communications if you are in the business of keeping people and property safe!

So, while the Australians may have been the very first guys to use two-way radios back in the 1920’s, with the US military following 10 years later, PRS is holding the fort for the incredible technological achievements that have made two-way radio communication in Cape Town comparable with the rest of the world!

If you would like to find out more about what PRS can do to assist you with the best in two-way radio communication, tracking or any other issue associated with safety and security, all it takes is one call to this team and you’ll be on your way to the very best in security communications and safe

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